The Committee


Sweet Sassafras Open Community Choir Inc is an incorporated association (registered number A049774L).
For full details of the rules that guide us as an association, read the Choir Rules (see attachment).

As an incorporated association, we need a minimum of 6 Committee members to help us to meet our obligations. 

The role of the Committee is to ensure we comply with the Choir Rules, keep the day to day running of the choir in order, and coordinate and share information as required.

Every choir member is eligible to become a Committee member. Elections for positions take place at the Annual General Meeting (usually in March). Interested people can either nominate themselves or be nominated by others to be listed for election. Committee members are expected to sit for a minimum of two years. 

The Committee meets at least four times a year at a time and place to suit members. Some roles, such as president, secretary and treasurer, do have specific reporting and financial responsibilities; however, now that the Choir is well established these are usually not overly time consuming. With such a minimal time commitment, it is anticipated that all Choir members will nominate to be involved at some time, thus sharing the responsibility. 

Committee Members

  • Trevor Martin - President 
  • Peter Murphy - Vice President
  • Cheryl Padgett - Secretary 
  • Mary Grace - Treasurer
  • Yolanda Deans
  • Rin Van Raay

15 Jul 2018, 21:25